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fabric made of plastic:Original title: (two sessions by the right to release) 13th National Peoples Congress held a preparation meeting Election Candarinary Bureau and Secretary-General Zhang Dejiang House Hosting the Conference Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 4th IV 13th National Peoples Congress First Meeting 4th A preparatory meeting in the Great Hall of the People. The selection of the meeting has produced the Presidium and Secretary General of the 13th National Peoples Congress◆□□◁, adopted an agenda of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, presided over the meeting▼□▲△. A total of 2980 representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress▪▽▷▼. As of March 3▽■, 2976 representatives have been reported to the Secretariat of the General Assembly. The 4th preparatory meeting•★▼△, attended 29,51 people, absent 29, attending the number of statutory. Zhang Dejiang announced: 13th National Peoples Congre.

Original title Wang Yang: The Peoples Political Consultative Conference should insist on all activities as the fundamental guidelines, and the members should do this -☆▪”homework”! A meeting of the 13th National CPPCC closed at the Beijing Great Hall on March 15th●▪●, Xi Jinping Party and the national leaders attended the closing meeting of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of China Association-☆. Wang Yang, chairman of the 13th Committee of the National Committee△▲▲▽, said in the meeting◇▼☆, on March 11th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has vote through the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China. The Constitution is the fundamental law of the country, and it is the general charter of Governing Guozang-▷△, which is a concentrated expression of the Chinese Communist Party and the will of the whole country◁●▼△. The Constitution Amendment is to persist and maintain comrades of Xi Jinping as the core of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to persist and develop Chinese characteristics socialism for the new era, in order to achieve Chi ocean plastic Recycling – china seaqual home furnishings, apparel textiles!

Source: Economic Daily ■ Our reporter Wu Shan has turned into a slight shock of 5 consecutive trading days□◇△●, Yesterday, Shanghai Index finally stopped and rebounded, and the amount can be enlarged◇◆◇…. As of the closing☆-, the closing increase reached 2.05%□-, and reported 2829.27 points. The main causes of the main causes of this rebound are mainly four aspects. Some insiders believe that the index continues to adjust, has reached 2,750 points in the previous period, obtain effective support▷▽; Second, the news is facial and continuously fermented□…; Form a recent hotspot. And the technical parties have pointed out that from the day K line map, after receiving a Zhongyang line yesterday, a sharp corrected the previous rules, compared with the first wave from 2691 points▽▽□■, yesterday Zhongyang Line Ri▲▼▽?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, on May 27th•▼, at the invitation of the CPC Central Committee▷◇★…, the 16th National Ambassador of Russia participated in the “Centennial for 100 years, the traditional friendship” party history○★…▽, and visited the National Museum. Road, new era “large-scale theme exhibition and the■★” Partys Foreign Work Photos Exhibition “. The Central Committee of the Communist Party conducted a discussion on the exchange of the Minister of Foreign Liaison, in China, in accordance with the successful experience of the Party of the Communist Party of China…★■, especially since the 18th National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chinas economic society has achieved history▪-. Sexual achievements, historical changes, etc☆◁▲★. have been deeply promoted. [Edit▲•■: 立○▼☆?