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recycled nylon fabric:[Wang Yi talks about the Korean Peninsula question○•☆●: calling on the United States to contact the Dialogue as soon as possible] On March 8, Wang Yi○▪◆▪, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said in the two conference press□•▲, now, the solving of the peninsula has finally taken an important step toward the right direction▲▪◆◇. We have fully affirmed and supported the efforts of the Korean and Korean to this=▽. The next key is that the parties are actively echoing, forming a synergistic, together with the sempan situation to the peaceful track, reintegrating the peninsula○●◇▪, reintegrating the orbit of dialogue. To this end, we call on all parties, especially the United States to make contact and dialogue as soon as possible, all parties follow the “double track○=” ideas, both adhere to the non-nuclear goals, and actively build a peninsula•▷☆◆, and promote the non-nuclear process. Synchronous peers Solve all parties include the reasonable and security of North Korea□•▲. This is both a consistent position in China, and it is also a combinatio○=.

Original title◇○: Senior Machine: Pilot smoking is not news, ●△▽”Misired air conditioner” let the peers smiles to get the big teeth: Changjiang Daily Changjiang Daily Rong Media July 13 (Reporter Chen Zhi) On July 13, the Civil Aviation Bureau was released in the news release I will respond on July 10 Air China CA106 flight emergency drop incident. After preliminary investigation, the incident is caused by the unspeakable air conditioner when the driver of the unit. The event triggered netizens questioning●□■: No matter what “wrong operation button”, the passenger is required to ban smoking, and why can the pilot in the cockpit smoke? The Changjiang Daily reporter is connected to a long experience in 5 years of flight experience, and unwilling to reveal the name…○. When the pilot smoked, there was a big cup of tea in the long name of the king, and the “unit passenger▲◆” was mistakened in the inciden?

Original title: The original news spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense confirmed the execution of the DPSCAC [Global Times – Global Network Reporting Reporter Guo Yuan Dan] “Global Times” reporter confirmed that the departure department of the Ministry of Defense last August Director, the Department of Defense News, Yang Yuxi, has been served as the Dean of the Media Media Media Media Media Media. On March 29th, a “China Communication University Document” was circulated on the Internet★▼★. He mentioned that Yang Yuxi has served as Dean of the Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media, and Dong Guanpeng no longer serves as the president of the Media and Public Affairs Institute. Subsequently•▲, the “Global Times” reporter will pay attention to Yang Yujun•◆●, and the Yang Yujun himself confirmed. In August 2017, Yang Yujun chose autonomous career after approved, and became the first active choice exi.industrial fabric!

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