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plastics in the ocean – seaqual textile!recycled product:Original title: May, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission•…▲, Railway Corporation, etc. will be issued recently, requiring the protection of railway operations for the violation of the violation of the rule of the law. Adverse effects, further increased disciplinary efforts to seriously illegally violating the law in other areas, to properly limit the specific serious false man in a period of time. It is implemented from May 1, 2018. At the same time, 8 departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, Civil Aviation Administration□•★▷, etc.★◇•▲, to prevent some of the adverse effects of some passenger violations on civil aviation flight safety, further increased disciplinary intensity of serious violations of law in other fields, restricting specific serious people to ride Aircraft. It is implemented from May 1••▼, 2018. The reporter noted that workwear!

Source=▪: China Youth Network # Two Sessions Youth: Struggle when going # [Zhou Wei: One person in the disabled students ◇…”one person and one case”] 19th big sign language translation Zhou Wei said on the commissioned channel=△■: Teacher will make each special child Develop a education plan, will also develop exclusive education training according to the work, ★▷”the best education should be the most suitable education”. She still teaches everyone to learn a sign language “Thank you☆●▲…” repreve recycled polyester○▽=▼ outdoor collection! Click to enter the special responsibility Editor△▲-: Zhang .

Technology New Elements on the day◆■■, Yang Qingwu…◆, Yongjiang, reporter Wang Lingshu, at 7:18 on May 15th, Tian asked the land inspector successfully landed in the southern part of Mars Utopia Plains□□◁, my countrys first Mars detection The mission is a complete success●•. Behind the success of the day○△, the support of “new elements▼○•△” in technology=▷. Phase Sensitive: Space “Thousand Miles▷▲▪■” Advantages Multi Our Mars Detection is designed to achieve surrounds○○, landing and inspections of Mars through a launch. As an important instrument for position and speed measurement▲▼▼□, the phase-controlled array sensor is in the landing stage◆•▼, providing high-precision measurement data for spacecraft, successfully helping land inspector safe.

At 7:00 pm on June 2, 2018▽▽, the seven foreign migrant workers in Xinjiang Town, Wengyuan County were born, and the commonly known as large tea drugs were poisoned. 3 people died in poisoning, 4 people were treated in the Yuebei Peoples Hospital○•▽. After the occurrence, the county party committee and county government immediately launched the emergency emergency handling mechanism◆▼▼, quickly organizing the relevant departments of the Safety Sworthy, etc., the first time, the first time, the rescue work of poisoning migrant workers●=▼. At present, the rescue work and various investigations are in an orderly manner. Source: Wengyuan County Peoples Government Editor: Huo ?

On May 27th, Baolong Commercial (HK.9909) was successively issued with Baolong Real Estate (HK.1238). Shanghai Jiayu★-▽, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baolong Commercial…-, and signed an increase in capital with Shanghai Yuehang Technology==△. Invest in RMB 50 million…•◆, total billion, used to add code layout wisdom business. Shanghai Yuehang Technology, which is a Bao Long Commercial Sub-Company and Tencent to join hands, is a digital service provider who focuses on the business asset operations industry, is also a key supplier including a plurality of large commercial real estate groups in Baolong. In the course of the Qilong and Tencents cooperation☆●□, the bridge-◇▽, R & D and coordination work, and continuously promotes R & D upgrade△▷•. This ti?