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textile for packaging:Original title▼▪: Beijing Metro Line 8 Zhuhai Station to Yaohai Station will be opened at the end of Dongtong★▷, and the reporter Deng Qi) reporter today (March 5) learned from the Beijing Major Project Office that along the Beijing central axis construction It runs smoothly through the Subway Line 8 of North and South, in which the Zhuhaikou Station opened to the Yunhai Station section of the planned year to achieve hole in March 4. The third phase of the 8th line, starting from the Chinese art galler station in the north to the Wufu Tang Station, all 17◁•-=.3 km from the whole length, a total of 14 stations; No. 8 line••, No. 8 There are 2 stations. The three three phases of the No○•. 8 line totaled 16 stations●◁-, passing through Dongcheng District■▼■, Fengtai District and Daxing District. This year plans to open the No••☆•. 8 line No. 8 Pearl City Station to Wufu Tang Station section (13 km, 11 station!

Original title○★☆•: Can the United States really understand China 5G technology=◆☆? Source: Dahuatai News WeChat public account has been stopped in the White House in Monday on Monday. The reason is that the US President Trump believes that this may threaten national security. Previously, a secret national security committee in the United States issued a warning that opposing Qualcomm and Bo Tong, the reason is that the transaction may lead to China to more than 5G technology. This year, my countrys governments work report was proposed to promote the development of “fifth generation mobile communication•◆▪” industry. According to the plan, 5G commercial use is expected to be fully implemented in 2020. Enterprise Moxia is going to land, China Huawei is striving to seek cooperation with large telecom operators in Asia, America and Europe, and the competition of the worlds future 5G network-▼. Huaw◆▪★■.

Original title…◆▷…: Li Wenko, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Peoples Congress•▷, led bribery, on March 29…○◁, 2018 Bribery case=▪◆■. Jilin Province Tonghua Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Prosecutor: 1997-120 Convenience and terms of position or status, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress●☆, to provide assistance in relevant units and individuals, providing assistance in position adjustments and promotion, business operations■▷, engineering contractors and project construction▪★▼. From 1997 to 2016, Li Wenke directly or through his wife Xu H refibra recycled!

According to Cambodian Media “Phnompen Post” and “Khmer Times”, Mam Bunheng, Cambodian■◆○, Mam Bunheng, said that the new crown vaccine and Chinese medicine convincingly in the Cambodian epidemic Prevention and control makes an important contribution. Mong Wenxing visited the New Zone Pneumonia Hospital of Preah Ang Duong Hospital located in Phnom Pen, Cambodia, visited the Cambodia. He said that although the number of new increments in patients with neogign pneumonia remains high=◁▪, the severe patients are extremely, which is beneficial to the promotion of vaccination, and the use of traditional Chinese medici!

Walking into Samsung Pile Reading Chinese Civilization Theme Event Events today held Samsung Pile to “new” this “blind box” this time? Sleeping for 3▼=▼,000 years, awake a shocking. Mysterious Samsung★●, archaeological and ■-“new”. In order to better understand the people at home and abroad▼◁☆▷, May 28, the State Council Information Office, the State Administration of Cultural Relics▽▷△, the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government will jointly organize the “Walking into Samsung Pile to read the Chinese Civilization-★▽◇” theme activities in the Sanxingdui Museum of Guanghan City. The promotion will be held on the day of the event, introducing Samsung Pile of archaeological discovement new achievements▪○●, hold the “Samsung Pile Wonderful Night” event, release Samsung Pile Culture Global Communication Key Project, and there is also a beautiful real performance. It is worth looking forward to i◇◁ china seaqual fabric!automotive textile manufacturers – Recycling.