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recycled fabric supplier – Seaqual sewing denim poly fil cotton,together for a clean ocean:Original title: Is there a harder to abolish the Chinese people from the Food and Drug Administration△▼●□? Nearly 70% of the county-level governments in China have chosen comprehensive law enforcement reforms☆■▲◆. The model of the market supervision bureau is almost the trend■…. The main challenge in the future is to ensure the professional new round of institutional reform of food and drug safety supervision▲▼◆◇, whether the policy has Continuation is the most concerned about the medical industry. Map / Visual China March 13, 2018, the reform plan of the State Council, which is concerned, finally landed. Among them, the industry expectations in the pharmaceutical field. The Food and Drug Administration no longer retains, and established the Basic Market Supervision Administration and Multi-pharmaceutical industry respondents expressed unexpectedly. The “big market – big health” model contemporated in the industry (ie◇△■△, the medicine is hygienic◁●●○, fo.

Original title: A picture reading Tuning the State Council institutional reform: The reform is a lot of things in the morning of March 13th•△■, and a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress listened to the statement of the State Council institutional reform programs. According to the program, after the reform◆…◁, the Ministry of State-level agencies will reduce 8, deputy-level agencies, and except for the Office of the State Council★●◁▽, the State Council intends to set up 26 components. The reform of the State Council, will be newly established or re-established Natural Resources, Ecological Environment, Agricultural Rural Department, Culture and Tourism Department, National Health and Health Committee□▪▽, Retired Military Affairs Department•▷◇▼, Emergency Management Department▷◇=, Science and Technology Department, Justice Department=□, Ministry of Water Resources, Audit; No longer retaining the Ministry of Ombuds▽=△, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Environment☆=★•, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture…▽★-, Ministry of Health and Family Planning. Peoples Dai.

China New Network on May 28th, according to the website of the Securities Regulatory Commission, in order to implement the State Council deepen the □-“venting service▼•□▲” reform work requirements, compaction the internal control of the internal control of the company, concentrate on limited supervision resources, improve the effectiveness of institutional supervision , Promote the high-quality development of the industry, and the SFC announced the first batch of securities companies “white list▽•◁◁”●▷. The first batch of securities companies in recent years have continued to implement all staff compliance and comprehensive risk management requirements, gradually improved compliance and risk management systems. According to the idea of ​​”classification supervision☆△■, venting combination•☆=●”, the Securities and Regulatory Commission implements the “White List▼□◇☆” system for the companys governance and compliance-controlled security securities companies, and cancels part of the securities company incorporating white lis□-.

Avoid short video plus seven-% respondents suggesting that there is a lot of lives under the line to brush a short video over a day, and the CCTV Finance releases ○…”Chinas beautiful life survey (2020-2021)”☆▲★, survey show, mobile entertainment The top three is: brush short video, play games and chase views. Short video becomes a first tool for people “kill time”. Moderately watch short video, you can relax, but excessively addicted, you will have lost. Recently, the China Youth News Social Survey Center passed a questionnaire network (Wenjuan□▲★■.com), showing a survey conducted by 2017 respondents, 60% of respondents brush short video a day, avoid excessi.