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sustainable material:Source: Changan Street Gearter WeChat public account original title•••: Shenzhen connected output 5 party and government officers Shenzhen△……◁, Guangdong deputy provincial-level cities, and Guangzhou side-class “double engine▽▪◁”△●. As one of my countrys first special economic zone•□, Shenzhen is not only widely praised due to high quality development, but more and more excellent cadres coming out here. Only two years in 2016 and 2017, Shenzhen sent 2 △○□”one hand” to the national provincial government. During this time□▼•, the Secretary of Ma Xingrui▲•, who was hosting in Shenzhen▽▲△, secretary of the two municipal party committees of Guangdong Province●•, governor▪■, governor, deputy secretary, and governor of Hebei Provincial Party Committee◇◆○. Changan Street, Id: Capitalnews, noted that in addition to Ma Xingrui-•▲, Xu Qin, in recent years, Shenzhen also outputs at least 5 municipal party and government officers. Southern Daily this mon••=.

Original title: Yuan Peng: Looking at the United States from the big debate to Chinas strategy to the current-★-▼, an unprecedented big debate on the end of the Cold War=•■, the big reflection, the big adjustment is being staged in the United States. The participants, political△●, academic, business, and military circles have never intervened it=□◇; the widespread, from economic and trade, safety to humanities, technology is almost omnipotent; the degree is deep☆★◇, the debate is a topic, that is○•★, the United States Chinas strategy is not needed to come to a fundamental big adjustment○▽■. The United States is different from the past, and this big debate is Dynasty Dance, the government will lead to the same stage★▪, the government personally leads, and is tuned★•☆▲. The White House “National Security Strategic Report” will open Chinas qualitative as “strategic competitors”•★▷▽, and announce the past to completely fail to China; the Pentagon “National Defense Strategic Report□★▪▼” claims the primary concern of US securi=▪.

Original title: Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary◁●=▲: Su Rong case is very much negative impact on Jiangxi, serious pollution political ecology March 29, Jiangxi Provincial Committee Theoretical Learning Center held a collective study meeting, revisiting the general secretary of Xi Jinping attending the 12th National Peoples Congress Three conferences▪○★, Jiangxi delegation considered the important speech and the spirit of the important speech when I was inspected in Jiangxi•-▪. I insisted on putting myself in, putting the responsibility in, putting the work in the work●…◆□, the general report of the Popular Secretary of the Popular Secretary, the important requirements of Jiangxi work, combined The residual poison of Su Rong will find the gap and deficiencies in implementation. How to discuss how to advance the General Secretary Xi Jinping in Jiangxi in the higher level, and the results of the province will reappear to achieve new steps●★○. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Liu Qi hosted and speaking. He emphasiz▼•●?recycled polymer fibre!

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