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sportswear:Xinhua News Agency•▽◇=, May 28th (Reporter Guo Xiang) officially determined China Earthquake Network 124◆•…▼.71 degrees east=…◁●. The reporter learned from the propaganda department of Songyuan Municipal Committee on the way to the scene, and the local has launched an emergency plan, and there is no casualties reported. Some people said that Songyuan City is strong=◇◁, many people have come to the street after the earthquake. Currently, local power supply is normal, but some mobile communication networks are difficult. (End) Related News: 5◆=▼.7 earthquake seismic scene in Guo Ros County in front of Jilin Songyuan City Local shop goods scattered a local dream awakened on the street to avoid refu.

China Xinwang Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin Jiang Yi) 23 years ago, 3-year-old boy missed the door of Yichang, Hubei◁○▲▪, 23 years later, under Hubei Yichang◆◆……, Henan Xuchang police joint efforts, 45-year-old Chongqing The woman Chen Hao (pseudonym) finally reunited with the 23rd of his son. On the 27th•◆★-, the mother and son met in the Yichang Municipal Public Security Bureau Wujiagang Branch, and she cried★●★▽. At the end of 1994, Wang Xuefeng★◆◇▲, who was in Yichang Workers, and Wang Xuefeng. Chen Hao introduced, that time, she and her husband lived in a red brick bungalow…▪, and the husband and wife were so greedy every day and rushed to live-=◆▲. However, on May 1, 1998◇△★, 3 years old and more sons played in the house in the door of the hous.

The procuratorial organ strictly punishes the imprisonment of misjected by the crime of misconduct□○▼•, and the new age of the acquaintance is a network, and the reporter Zhou Bin has a few days ago, and the Sichuan, a teacher○=◁, Lu Mou, suspected of sexually invading the underage female student and filming an indecent video One triggered social attention…▽△★. In the case of the police, the police have reported that the criminal suspects have been criminally detained, and the current case is under further investigation…◇◆. In recent years, the malignant cases of minors have been invaded, and they are fascinating. On the occasion of the June 1 Childrens Day, the =▼”Rule of Law Daily◆•” interviewed the grassroots procuratorate in Beijing★-●△, Tianjin◇◇●, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc., this kind of case has been an upward trend in recent years, and the victim is more obviou•☆.