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yarn:Chen Jun Nanjing University Data Titland Title•●: Through the consistency of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Ministry of Education waives Chen Juns Nanjing University Deputy Secondary Secretary for Deputy Secondary School Party Registration Notice of Chen Jun Comrade Waiting for Comrade Chen Jun [2018] No. 31 The Communist Party of China: Consistent with the Consultation Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, January 23○△, 2018, decided▷■-▲: to avoid the deputy secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee, the Standing Committee of Comrade Chen Jun. The Party Group of the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China January 26, 2018 Source: Ministry of Education Website Responsibility Editor•◁○: Zhang Yili.

Xinhua News Agency, March 16th▽▲■◁, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committee of the 13th National Committee (618) (618) (315 March 2018△○, the first chairman of the 13th National Committee of the CPPC) proposal Commission (67) members (sorted by surname “: Ma Jianzhong, Wang Feng◁◇◆□, Wang Daming, Wang Xiaochuan, Wang Xiaomin, Wang Zihao★▲▽, Wang Shiyuan, Wang Zhi▷…□◆, Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi, Wang Zhanhua, Niu Koke□○△, Fang Ziying, Shi Ai Zhong, Tian Yuguang (female)▽-▼▪, Bai Mahong, Feng Yuan, Ning Gao Ning, Sima Hong (female), Lu Yaodong•◆, Ren Kaiang, Liu Xu, Liu Wei (female), Liu Liimin, Liu Qitao, Liu Qiangdong, Guanxia (Manchu)▼◁◆, Xu Jin, Sun Laiyan, Li Wu, Li Country, Li Jian, Li Jian (Yi)-…, Li Yixi (female), Yang Chami!

Original title: Henan Gushiyi Village cadres involved indecent video, the town discipline transfer committee: has been removed, it is recommended to expect the party @ 时 视频 4 4 April 1 news, recently, a “man is holding a white woman◁▼, the hand of the chest” video stream The internet. After verification•△=▼, the man is a village cadre in Gushi County, Henan●■. The secretary of the local town discipline committee accepted @ Beijing time to report that it has been dismissed by the village committee. The Town Discipline Committee will also report to the county discipline committee, which is recommended to expel its party▼□▷▲. Source: @ 时 视频 视频 视频 任 Editor: Zhang .

Original title: Beijing sand dust situation will be maintained until the 29th Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) Ecological Environment Department today, but then on March 25-27, Beijing-Tianjin and surrounding areas experienced once to severe pollution After the process△△…, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region began to be affected by dust weather on March 28. Since the high pressure transit and subsequent high pressure system in the Northern, sand dust from the Mongolian Middle Eastern region is entry from March 27, and began to affect the eastern Ministry of Inner Mongolia and most parts of Northeast China. Further south pressure in the high pressure system○◇▼, the dust process affects my country North China area from north to south. In the early morning of March 28○…, the city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has been affected by sand prosthesis•○▷■, Zhangjiakou, Tangshan▽◁◇, Beijing and other cities AQI has reached 500. It is expected that two days of tomorrow▽▲, the southern part of Beijing-Tianjin-Heb.

Original title★▼▷: I am very powerful, my army weaponry: can be fundamentally here. Source: China Voice Technology is the core combat power from two major parade to see our military equipment development in this five-year decoding big national weight, escort new era Tiananmen Square to Zhu Japan and Training Field, through the window of the military▽▷☆=, domestic and foreign media compete to interpret new technologies in recent years in recent years. Refented weapons▷▷, the military in which our army has been equipped in the development of development◁•★; the military parade is a prism for the new era of science and technology▼●▪. The equipment displayed on the military is a minor shadow of the entire military equipment system•=▼, which is a transcript of the Chinese army to promote the practice of science and technology□▲. From this transcript▼★▲☆, we touched the strong pulsation of the Chinese army. Great country, for n★△▷? swimwear polyester – eco friendly products reupholstery supplies post-consumer polyester,