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recycled fabric:Original title: Xiao Yafei serves as the Mayor of Dongguan Recently…◆=▽, the 12th meeting of the Subject Committee of the 16th National Peoples Congress of Dongguan City was held. The meeting vote passed the request of Liang Wei and the disregard of the peoples government of the Dongguan City△◁▼, and the vote from the vice mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government and decided to serve as mayor of the people of Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government. The meeting was hosted by Pan Xinchao, executive deputy director of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee. Zhou Chu Liang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress•◆▼, Li Manteang, Chen Xijiang☆★○•, He Yuepei•☆•▲, Huang Yaocheng, the Secretary-General Zhu Binhua and other Standing Committee consisting of the meeting☆-▪. Huang Qinghui, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress. According to the relevant provisions of the Peoples Republic of China, the Peoples Congress and the Local Peoples Government of Locals, the conference vote shall be adopted, and the meeting of Liang Wei and the mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Governmen.

On March 19 (Monday) At 9 am△-▲◆, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will hold the seventh plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. The reporter can have a reporter certificate and the media guarantee certificate from the conference, from the first door of the Dongmen South side of the Peoples General Hall▼○, the first door of the East Gate◇●•▽, with the second floor reporter certificate, the third floor reporter certificate in the Great Gift Hall After the 11th row in the first three districts (including 11th row) and the first five and seven districts “reporter seat☆•▼☆”△-. Reporters interviewed at each floor, please stop the scene on the spot 5 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. After the meeting begins, please stay quiet. In order to respect the voting rights of the representative, the reporter invited the report by the on-site staff in the on-site staff in the on behalf of the staff•☆. Before the meeting, after the end, the reporter can be under the steps of the East Gate of the People (except the Western Road Road in Plaza) and lar★○□◆.

China Xinwang, May 28 (Reporter Li Pure) The =▪◁”veteran of the veteran○-•” of the veterans will always go to the party◇☆, let the retired soldiers become the whole society △•”The theme speech contest is held in Beijing on the 28th. 10 players from the country demonstrated the style one by one…●=▷. The Director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and deputy director of the Ministry of Detailed military Affairs attended the event, the relevant departments of the Central and State Organs, the Central Military Commission…•, and the Ministry of Drops of the Decoupless Military Affairs (Division)●△, and the relevant personnel of the relevant units. The theme speech competition is “veteran forever with the party★•▲□” – the important part of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China-●◁▼, aimed at speech conte◆▷.

The Beijing News (Reporter Wu is) ushered in the first small peak of the Tomb before the Ching Ming Festival yesterday. According to the citys Ching Ming Festival headquarters★△★, on March 31-◆, the citys major cemetery reception sacrifices were 5.83 million, up 15% year-on-year; the motor vehicle was 113,000, up 24.2% year-on-year. Since the major cemetery sweeps the tomb, the citys Ching Ming Festival Command is called on the public bus travel. Changqing Garden held an ecological burial collective sacrifice activity yesterday 10 oclock in the world◇▪, the 2018 Beijing ecological burying ceremony ceremony ceremony is located in Chaoyang District◁-, the ecological life memorial Memorial Plaza was held. More than 1,000 representatives of the family representative of the past ecological funeral and the centers of China, the citys social welfare Affairs Management Center, and more than 1,000 news media reporters participated th.

Xinhua News Agency, March 5th○◇: “Number” Read the Government Work Report Feeling Historic Achievements and Change Xinhua News Agency Qi Zhongxi, Hou Xuejing…◆▲△, Ling Junhui has a total of 80 trillion yuan, the poor population is reduced by more than 68 million, unit Domestic GDP has more than 20% ★■▽… March 5▼☆, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report and reviewed the past five years. A string number in the report reflects a series of historic achievements and changes in the economic and social development in my country in the past five years▼▪☆▲. Developed on the new level through the governments work report, a series of results and harvest of my countrys economic and social development in 5 years: larger scale – GDP reached 82○★…▷.7 trillion yuan▽◇…, an average annual increase of 7.1%•☆◆, accounting for World economy proportion is from 11▪□▲▷.?Upcycled Marine Plastic – cotton fabric wholesa tailor made fabric upcycle water bottles,