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save the earth,sustainable apparel:Original title: The overall plan of Xiongan New District is going forwarded in June…••, Wang Xiaohui-◆☆★, Beijing report, thousands of calls, and the overall plan of Xiongan new district will eventually set. “The overall plan of Xiongan New District is up to the central government▲▽▪=.◁◇•◁” On May 22, the Vice President of China Urban Planning and Design Institute, the core designer Zhu Ziyu, the core designer Zhu Ziyu, the 6th Tsinghua University=▪…, the Sixth Tsinghua University “I said. Establishing an Xiongan New District is a major historic strategy choice made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. This is a new district that has a national significance after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area is a millennium●☆▷. According to the reporter, Xiongan New District is responsible for the important functions of discovery Beijing non-Capital function=•■▷, the “Beijing City Master Plan” (201.

[I am in the Chinese ambassador] “The Chinese Communist Party of China is paying attention to” [Editors Press] Read the Chinese Communist Party to read today China△•☆▲. In 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China provides historical opportunities for China to deepen mutual understanding of the world. From May 18, the overseas network □▲◇”I was in China▽□◇”■=, ▼■★△”I was launched a special plan▲■▷” Ambassador to China▷▼☆◇, Ive IN the 100th Years of the Party “, inviting the ambassador in China to tell the Chinese Communist Party in the eyes▲■▼. This is the seventh phase. ———— “The 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China is very concerned about it.△□▼” The world is very concerned about Ganlin in China•◆, recently said in receiving overseas interview◆= cotton eco!

Original title◆▲: Wang Yongchao representative: It is recommended to support the construction of Wang Yongchao in Huang Di Mausoleum. …□”Huang Di Mausoleum is the root of the Chinese nation, the source of the Chinese nation▷☆○●, promoting national cultures to promote national unity, motivate patriotic enthusiasm, promote the unity of the motherland, etc. Instectable bonds. “Wang Yongchao, Dean of the National Peoples Congress▼◁, Dean of Xian Zhongfu Art Museum■☆▷. At the beginning of 2015▪○, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Shaanxi to point out, “Huang Di Mausaya, Terracotta Warriors☆=◁○, Yanan Bao Tower, Qinling, Huashan, etc. is the spiritual identification and natural logo of Chinese civilization●▷▪•, China revolution•=■◇, China Geography.…▽▼▷” “Xuanyuan Huangdi Mausoleum has been very deep, and the history and culture should pay attention to the excavation and utilization, and if you want to go to the source•▽, find the roots, find the soul▽□○.▽▪▽…” “Building Huang Diling National Cultural Park, Guarding, Inheritance and Carryi comfort colors 1717 supermarket bags for life 2×2 twill!

Original title: National Committee of Political Consultative Conference, Feng Danlong-○●, advice=-: Accelerating public places to control smoke legislation▽□◁▽: Views News Legal Evening News · View (Reporter Li Hongpeng) Tobacco epidemic has become a global issue that endangers public health and brings serious consequences. On the morning of March 3, the National Committee of the CPPCC, Feng Yuxiangs granddaughter Feng Danlong received a legal evening newspaper, and the news reporter said that this year her suggestion is the State Council as soon as possible to review and implement the “public place to control smoking regulations”, relevant regulations should be healthy with world health The organization “Tobacco Control Framework Convention” is consistent, that is▼▲▼, all indoor public places◁◇○, indoor workplaces and public transportation are comprehensive for smoking. Accelerate the proposal of the national public place to control the smoke legislation, Feng Dilong=◁-, said that in October 2016□•, it was enacted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chin.

The picture shows Taiwans handmade gem soap attracts visitors. Lu Ming photo is a public visiting the public. Lu Ming photo is a public visiting the public. Lu Ming photo is attracting visitors for bamboo texture. Lu Ming photo is a public visiting the public. Lu Ming photo is attracting a child experience. Lu Ming photo is attracting visitors in the picture. Lu Ming took the launching ceremony in Jin Yinli Square■■▼▼, Fuzhou◁▪, the 4th Fujian Wenchuang City=▷■◁. This market is in the core☆◇□…, inviting the excellent doctrine of the past-◁▲, the non-legacy of the inheritance, adding tea line▽▷▷, wood line◇▪, brown row, embroidery line●◁▷, silk cloth line★◇◆, et…▼.