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distributor – chinese wholesale fabric suppliers Recycling buying office,fabric mill:Original title•=: Hua Shengying◁◇: Innovation and intellectual property is not a “patent★••△” in the United States, on March 23, the reporter asked: The United States decided to take restrictions on Chinas lived products, while the White House According to the statement◇□▼★, China has attracted network attacks on US companies through participation and supports sensitive information including commercial confidentiality. At the same time•=, the United States company is transferred to China to Chinas large-scale transfer technology by limiting the intellectual property license of foreign companies. What is Chinas comment●◁? Hua Chunying: I also noticed the report. The US must understand one thing, that is, the United States is indeed in todays world innovation, but this is not equal to the innovation and intellectual property•□▲. It can only be a □▽☆”patent” in the United States. I introduced the •●▽”World Knowledge▼◇” issued by World Intellectual Property Organizatio.

Original title: Wang Yi talks about China and the United States trade friction: the trade war never solve the correct way to solve the problem•▷▼. Journalists Nansbo on March 8, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded to China and the United States at the Foreign Minister of China. It is said that the trade war is not a correct way to solve the problem▽-. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

[Struggle 100-year road to settle new journey · Civilized City Spectrum] Shaanxi Yanan: Putting Red Culture into Urban Civilization Construction “Previously Buy Cuisine to buy in the supermarket or market. Now in the residential area, the fruit and vegetables are unreslusive■▲. Fresh cabinets can be bought directly. ▪◁”Yan Qing, Hao Qing, said◁●▲. It is benefited from the old community renovation project implemented by Yanan City. The 99-year-old retired teacher Hao Qingyin has not only installed a new elevator, but also the various new facilities that make everyone enjoy the convenience of intelligence•◇●. In the past few years, after the new round of crew work▲◁, Yanan City has launched 218 old community renovation□◆▼, 43 garbage sorting pilots…□…◁, new and re-expanded primary and secondary schools▼▽▷◇, 115 kindergart.

Editors press: 2021 is a hundred years of the Communist Party of China. From a small red ship to the leader of the Chinese line-•■▪, the Chinese Communist Party will not change since the Chinese Communists, and the color is still in the heart●-○☆. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a communist party member with 47th●▷▪. He “said words, you must do it”, with a manner for 90 million party members to establish an example. The CCTV “Peoples Leaders Xi Jinping” column launched a series of ▼▲◁”Communist Party Xi Jinping” and feel the Communists of General Secretary with you. •●•”The partys style is the partys image, the relationship between the people-▼, the relationship between the partys life and death.” As a communist party member with 47th part of the party-★◆, Qingqi.