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home furnishing – sea pollution.water bottle:Original title: Committee of the CPPCC talks about left-behind children▪▼: parents take children to work. We provide services Overseas Network on March 10, March 10th, the third reporter meeting of the 13th meeting of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference held, theme round “improve protection And improve the peoples livelihood★◆, “some of the CPPCC members attended and answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters○▲…. There is a reporter question, the size of left-behind children and mobile children has reached 100 million•▷-, how to play a role in government school families to ensure that they accept fair education, how to take the policy? Liu Limin•▪, the CPPCC, whether it is left-behind children or their children are migrant workers★•☆-, and their parents have built a force for us, and we should arrange them to make them enjoy the right to equip. The staff of the staff of the staff, there are currently 14 million people, there a▪•▲◁.

Original title: This kind of official is reported to the governments work to pull black, Liu Qiangdong is angry Source: Beijing Daily fair can never “new official ignore the old account▽■▼”•■☆! Prime Minister Li Keqiang is on the 5th when he is a government work report. The Prime Ministers voice is just■•, Liu Qiangdong will raise his hand when the National Political Consultative Associations Industrial and Commercial Group is coming, saying that this will be “not on anti-corruption”. He also appeared: a district of a district of Jingdong investment, the former regional long promised road broadtens the plan☆◇★☆, can be present, “That is the last thing, you find the last district man○▽☆▷”. ” ▷○”One general▼☆, one, one, one.” In reality◇□●★, “new official ignorance is the old account” is an old problem, faithful project, no head◁•◇, and other wonderful cases have emerged. At the end of last year, there were engineering contractors to complain to the media, 14 yea post-consumer polyester ocean floor ocean plastic clothing!

China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Reporter Pangsuo) Natural Resources Department China Geological Survey Bureau No. 28, said that Japan, China Tuning Bureau held a video signing ceremony with the East Asian Southeast Asian East Asian Military Program Coordination Committee (CCOP). The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding about the establishment of the CCOP City Geological Research Center. The center was led by the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Natural Resources Department, established with CCOP▼■, and the Secretariat is located in Nanjing Geological Survey Center in China Geological Survey•☆△. According to the memorandum of understanding, the CCOP City Geological Research Center will build international urban geological cooperation exchange platforms to carry out international urban geological research, and promote advanced urban geological investigation.