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grs standard:China Xinwang Beijing May 27 (Reporter Sun Zifa) mentioned tens of thousands of years ago•△, people may associate with the ancient human image in the “Ice Age” in the Animation Movie Series and the extensive fierce, sword and teeth, etc□▪●★. Cartoon animal image. What is the real life status of the -▲-▷”Ice Age” East Asian population■▪? How do they adapt to the current nearest cold period (ie the last boasting period, about 26,500 years to 190,000 years)? These problems have long been attacked by academic circles for a long time. Dynamic schematic of the Dynamic Schematic of East Asia and Northern Personnel before and after the end of the thriving=▲■•. The research team is for drawing 40△=■▲,000 years, the dynamic evolution of the human group in East Asia▲○, China scientists have passed the ti.

Original title: Two children need to double the bonus bonus? Fujian Minhou Weidian Bureau☆•◇◆: The previous provisions did not need to refund the Beijing News News (Reporter Liu Yang Intern Lu Weijing) The family who has received the only child rewards gold, if you want to have two children◆……, you need to double the reward? Today, Fujian Minhou County officially requested that the two childrens family refunded the only child awards. In the afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Minhou County Government Bureau that the last level of the child received a reply, and the bonus rewards that have been received no longer need to return◆◁▷•. It is previously regulated•=▼. Today, there is a media report that a citizen of Minhou County said that he only intended to give birth to a child because of living conditions, and he received a bonus of the only child. However, after the introduction of the two childrens policies△□…, the couple decided to have two children, but they were twice as required by the Minhou County Guar.

Original title◇▷▲•: Swimming player fooled the Chinese athlete apologized twice, South Korea☆▪: Do not accept Korean still conduct complaints to the Olympic Council, requiring punishment for Chinese athletes=▪◁. Asian swimsuit will mediate. China and South Korea Swimmers took a small friction when training in Jakarta Asian Games on the 23rd. At the 24th◆▲, the Korean Asian Games delegation stated in the press conference that decided to protest to the Asian Olympic Council (OCA), requiring investigating Chinese swimming players ●◆•○”playing”. Xinhua News Agency reported on the 24th that the Asian swimsuit will sit down to mediate this matter. HUONOTO invotted the Korean delegation on the 24th, the Korean female athlete Jin Haijin (the ring rings received the previous report as Jin Huizhen (sound)) and a female player in China in the same lane training, Jin Haijins foot “contact” to China The chest of the player, then Chi.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang: Create the Yangtze River Triangle to the “Asia-Pacific Portal” Shanghai Group Open Day, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang answered the reporter question. Beijing News reporter Xue Yu photo Xinjing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) This afternoon○=…▽, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting to consider the governments work=○●. Li Qiang, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, said that the four provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta will strengthen cooperation, create a world-class urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Triangulation, and can configure resources on the global “Asia Pearl△…”. When answering the reporters planning and measures on the integrated development of the long triangulation…=, Li Qiang introduced that the Yangtze River Triangle included Shanghai, Zhejiang▽…, Jiangsu◇◁▽, Anhui and other three provinces, the region of 359,000 square kilometers▪●, accounting for 1/26 in the countr.

Original title◆-: You care about these sports hotspots, the Director of the State Sports General Administration mentioned it! What is the key to •▲△”speeding▼■□=” to ○■•□”speed up”●□? How to make everyone more convenient, more active •▼”playing Call…◁★▲” to participate in fitness activities? What are the efforts to create a good success at Beijing Winter Olympics? How can I really realize 5 trillion “big goals” in the sports industry? .•▽.△△☆…••▽•. During the national two sessions in 2018, the director of the State Sports General Administration was accepted Xinhuanet◆▪◁. Interview with the Chinese government network to respond to netizens concerned about how to advance in sports reform? Open◇•☆, go out of the circle, break the barrier, go to the community: The main purpose of launching reform measures is to be subject to sports, transform into the whole society to participate in the wo. plastic waste seaqual fabric chinese supplier seaqual item home textiles,