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sustainable material:Youth as the most dynasty and vibrant group in society, a different historical period in Chinas revolution, construction and reform is a plenty of power. Since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, it has attached great importance to the important role of young people in social development. During the new democratic revolution, the Communist Party of China actively helped youth recognize the trend of Chinese social development, and guide them to take their own life to combine their lives and the countrys future destiny. With the changes in the focus of the Chinese Communist Party in different historical stages, the partys youth policies are also changing. The evolution of young policies in the Communist Party of China during the new democratic revolution period mainly divided into four stages. The first stage▷▲△: Help advanced youth to establish Ma.

Original title: Lu Caixia: Regulating resource utilization behavior to enhance resource utilization efficiency today (March 12), the 12th National Peoples Congress, deputy director Wang Shengming, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee, Wu Yudu, Texture Committee Director Wu Heng…▪▪, Lu Caicixia, a member of the Environmental Committee-◁, and Wang Chaoying◁◆△, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and deputy director Xuan Society, answered questions about China and foreign reporters on the issue of “Peoples Congress Legislation”. Beijing Youth Daily reporter●••, in recent years, the national consecutive cases have happened○•▷, for example, the garbage of the country is shocked throughout the country★…■. Cross-provincial dump and stealing garbage phenomenon▪…-, these more and more phenomena reflects the reality of the garbage surrounding city, do not know if the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress does not pay attention to this phenomenon, how will the future will work•★☆◆? Lu C☆-◁○.

Data Map○△▽: 2019 Tokyo Olympic Games Womens Rights■…■, Lang Ping is on the audience. Chinas new network client Beijing May 26 (Reporter Xing Rui) Beijing time on the evening of the 26th△●★, the Chinese women came in the second game of the World Womens Route League. In the contest with the Japanese team▼●, the Chinese womens volleyball team is lost in 0: 3 (13▼◁○★: 25, 19: 25…•◆, 17-◇: 25), no two consecutive wins. This game, the main coach Lang Fa changed the starting lineup◇▷. Lin Yu, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhu Wei, Liu Xiaotong, Zheng Yizhen=◁□, Liu Wei◆☆■, Wang Mengjie first. Zhang Changning, excellent in the last game, is not in the first column◇=…-. The opposite Japanese womens volleyball team●▷, almost playing the main force★●▪. Obviously, the Chinese te!

Short video has become a first tool for people “kill time▷□”. Recently◇▲◇○, the China Youth News Social Survey Center conducted a survey conducted by 2017 respondents by questionnaire network, six-to-respondents brush a short video over an hour▷▪=. From Internet addiction to mobile addiction★=▲, from playing game addiction, brush Weibo addiction, brushing friends circle to brush short video addiction, as new things continue to emerge, addictive objects are constantly changing. In this round of short video addiction, two major groups have received much attention. First, the minor population. In recent years=▷●▲, the proportion of this group contact short video is constantly climbing. The newly released “Dynasty Short Video Adolescent Model” shows that 70.8% of the interviewed mino plastic waste in ocean recycled textile – water bott exterior upholstery textiles,!

Zhongxin Net Xining May 28th (Zhen Zengju Zhang Haiwen) On the 28th, on the occasion of the ▲…”June 1″ Childrens Day•…◁▽, the employees of the Childrens Welfare Institute in Xining City, Qinghai Province took off the tool, and became the role-playing and became “supermarket salesman◆△.…☆▷◁” “Snacks” .☆◆.. celebrate their festivals for the 90 horses in the hospital. Xining Child Welfare Institute was established in May 1998▽☆△, is the only comprehensive child welfare institution integrating in Xining City, the integration of recovery, medical, nursing, special education, and social workers. At present, there are 70 professional function rooms, more than 140 children•▽☆, and the ratio of severe disease disabilities of child child is 90%. The picture shows the “supermarket salesman” played by the employee of Childrens Welfare Institute in Xining Ci upolstery supplies!