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headliner material ecological fabric,staple fiber:Original title: Is the Judge Inner Mongolia was threatened by the prosecutor? Attorney General: I have heard that this is recently□▷○, and an inner Mongolia has a serious mistake. It is still being attacked by a trial of the second instance court. According to a recording provided by a family of ginger involved○●, Zhao Guowu, the second trial of the second instance of the second instance of the second instance of the second instance of the Cantian Peoples Court of the case, said that the procuratorate is now in the heart■…☆▼, I still threaten me, I It is said that it is in accordance with the law. “For this matter, Da Baixun is associated with Zhao Guowu○◁. It said: I have never been threatened by the procuratorate▲▲. It is very normal to talk to the procuratorate. Dont listen to the parties. The Minister of Liang, the Chifeng City Procuratorate…☆◇▼, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that heard of the threat judges▷=□, but the previous situation is unclear□△◆=, and the current goes are on vacation. Party recording, judge sa.

Original title: Shi Jong speaks “garbage papers”, “evaluation system” needs to be changed The number of new expressions in the new Beijing News, the number of academicians, the quantity▪▼…, this is definitely the misunderstanding. ▲ Shi Yi Public Image Source▷•: Xinjing News Ren Mengshan at a 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference We have completed in advance. “However,” Some articles, popular point is called garbage articles, which is purely to post, this situation is too much○□. “In the junction◁▽, there is a lot of places▪○▲▼, but” garbage papers ” Many, no matter which discipline is, it is almost a consensus. Why do you cause this? The most important reason is to evalua.

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Hu Zejun talks about audit supervision: more effectively played the corruption of the sword] Audit Office Hu Zejun said when talking about the supervision of the audit, 1 adhere to the partys centralized unified leadership, independently exercising audit supervision according to law, Optimize the audit supervision duties and build a unified and efficient audit supervision system. 2 Actively promote big data audits, and strive to improve the quality and benefits of audit supervision△◁-. 3 Strengthen guidance and supervision of internal audit work within the audit supervision target, promote the party and government▪▪▽, enterprises and institutions to resist risks more effectively and achieve high quality development. More effectively play the role of the sword in anti-corruption. # 微视 两 会 # Click to enter the special responsibility Editor●▽▼■: Zhang sustainable product!

Original title: On May 1st-◇●◆, the smoking will be banned for 180 days. Escape tickets will also be banned by people who are banned through high-speed rail. In the EMU☆…, smoking△◁, once there is a smoking▽▪, will touch the train alarm, EMU will Suddenly slowing down, even giving more serious consequences. On March 19th▷●, the National Development and Reform Commission official website issued a news. Recently, many communities have introduced new regulations for the “Smoking△△…” of the EMU. From May 1st, smoking in the motor vehicle and trains, and it is forbidden to take the train within 180 days. At the same time, △★”Forced high-speed railway door” and other disturbances, resulting in a bad social impact=■▽, once entering the blacklist, will also ban the train 180 days. I illegally smoking○•, and I will prohibit the train recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the highest people in the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Civilization Offic. mattress