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plastic waste:Original title: Hebei 1st city or promotion of extra large cities! The city, industry, subway ..●-…▷. will have a large change▪◇-! At the beginning of the new year, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province ushered in a series of good news○◁! This year is expected to get into the national ugly city! ▽…”Baili painting” is about to be built△◇◆•, the second city hairdressing conference is amazing sustainable apparel! 1 to build a famous Chinese culture tourist city, the deputy center of Shijiazhuang Urban Area! 1 district won the 4 star test evaluation◆●•, the future is expected to build global influence … At the same time, the spring city is rectified, accelerate the “4 + 4” modern industrial development, 3 subway latest construction progress exposure ..□▷. 2018, Shijiazhuang will become More charming○▽▷■! incredible! Shijiazhuang is about to get into the countrys large city litter in the ocean! 490.22 million people in the urban area☆□★■, recently, Shijiazhuang Statistics issued a message,.

(Shencheng Scenic Line) A cup “I cant forget” “Memory Coffee” China New News Hospital Shanghai May 28th Suggestion: A cup ◁○◇◁”I cant forget” “Memory Coffee…◆” China News Service, Li Yusheng If I have, Ill take it. Iron◁▼○=, please dont see it△=…; if you have some small cups, but come to a big cup, please bear with me. In Shanghai Pudong△▷●▼, there is a “memory café”▼▽. The clerk may make your coffee★▽, but it will not forget to have a guest of every stationery: “Welcome”. This is the first cafe for Chinas first immersion intervention experience for cognitive old people. The elderly working in this cafe is a high-risk crowd of cognitive disorders or suffering from mild cognitive disorders. Here, they are kind to .

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 28 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Release Notice on the 28th□■, the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic control headquarters□□•, a new coronary virus pneumoniae▲▪, Guangdong Province, said to further strengthen new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures, At 12:00 pm on May 28◆▼▼-, the total number of nucleic acids in the whole district was carried out on the district. The notice pointed out that the Chancheng District will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control management measures□△, and the community (home committee) is the main set of nucleic acid detection points◁■●○, ensuring that it should be inspected□□★, not leaking one household, no one person. The majority of residents are requested to actively contact the residentiality committee-•, and they will guide the designated location to complete the testing work according to the staff of the staff▲▷•. It has been vaccinated in 24 hour.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27th○•, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council, three readings through the △□”Perfecting Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill▽◆” in 2021. The Vice Chairman of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the first two administrative director Dong Jiahua and Liang Zhenying in Hong Kong SAR have expressed the statement that the Bill has passed, and the “one country, two systems” practical rows and stable and stable and stable and stable, providing a solid legal guarantee○•. Tung Chee-hwa said that the Legislative Council officially passed the Bill…□. The Bill is the customary source, providing a solid foundation for “Patriot Governor…●”, in line with the will of Hong Kong★★●, is conducive to the well-being of Hong Kong people◆○◆▽. Tung Chee-hwa said that improve the electoral system is a new beginning in Hong Kong. ▽○.textile solution – seaqual yarn better cotton,