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performance textile:[CCTV reporter latest news] Damn Chinese tourists added 2 people=◁, and the Chinese tourists were 4 people. A total of 127, rescued 78 people, and the number of lost people was 45. (CCTV Reporter Luo Wei) Click to enter the topic: Thailand Phuket Tour Cruise has caused most of the people to die▼☆, most of the Chinese responsible••◁◁: Huo .

Xinhua News News Agency The Bill is marked with the full completion of the local legislation involved in the Hong Kong Sector Electoral System. This is the legal results and system progress in Hong Kong to the rule of Zhizhi◆◁▼, the original Qing source, the re-departure, ○◁▪□”Patriots” principle is fully implemented from the system mechanism, reflecting and implementing☆▼, and the “Oriental Pearl” after the wind and rain To the new stage of development…▷○▼, Hong Kongs ◁◇□”one country▷○-■, two systems” practices have opened a new chapter in history. Adopt▲…=?

Original title: Railway Department: Expanding the fare of some EMU train fare, up to 20% from April 28, 2018, the railway department will further expand the railway department group companys internal division of train fares and discounts, The price between the seats▼•●…, further improve the service measures, and enhance the visit of passengers. The railway department will provide different forms, different amplitude•••, different forms…▷▲, different amplitude Discounted discounts◁◁■=, the maximum discount is increased from 10% of the previous pilot to 20%. This is a floating pilot train fare from the train operation line of the railway bureau group company in the management of the Railway Bureau Group Corporatio.