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econyl fabric:Original title: More than 5% of netizens have sleep problems work pressure is the “culprit◁☆” Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Kara) Today (March 17), China Sleep Research Releases “China Sleep Medical Current Situation Investigation Report☆◁▪▷” and ” 2018 China Internet Net Miss Sleep White Paper. ” Data show that 5% of netizens acknowledge that there is a sleep problem▽■, and the working pressure is the “culprit☆◁△” affecting the quality of sleep◁★★-. Especially in the first-tier city in the Northern Deep★▽◇, Beijing is the least sleep. Han Fang, Chairman, China Sleep Research Association■■★, pointed out that there were about 560 million patients with sleep disorders in China●•, while the diagnosed patients were less than 2%, and the current situation of treatment was more optimistic. Although Chinese Internet users have daily sleep averages for more than 7 hours, there are still 56% of users think they have sleep problems, including dreams☆◇, continuo◆●.

Original title=•-: The two sessions of the citizen governor are said☆◇? Cai Qi★▲◆, a representative of the National Peoples Congress of Beijing, and the Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee: Building an international first-class harmonious and livable capital Cai Qi said that Beijing should deepen the citys strategic positioning of the capital, strengthen the ▽□”four central” functional construction, improve the “four service□☆◇○” level, more Good service party and national working overall situation. At this stage, Beijing●▼•, reduction and development are characteristic●▲◆, innovation development is an outgoing, and is the only way out. “Two One hundred years▽☆★○” struggle is implemented in Beijing, which is to take the lead in building a well-off society●△○, build the capital of the great socialist motherland, and move toward the great revival of the Chinese nation, international first-class harmonious and livable. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, the mayor of Beijing, Chen Jining=…◇: spared no effort to promote the capital high quality development Chen Jining pointed ou▪…●?

Original title: Slow News Demystation Southwest Navy Aircraft Experiment Class■-: Prohibition of playing basketball▪-▼, the college entrance examination must be a lot of running every morning and evening▲•. 1. They fly in the sea○•. This is a group of special high school students, how do you special? You see, they are protected○=•, only to play badminton table tennis△◇, not allowed to play basketball▽▽. Even in more than 5,000 students, you can recognize them at a glance. If they stand in a big playground, you will see that their standing position is different▲■□□, the body pen is quite, the two eyes are facing front, and the hands are in the middle of the trousers◁▪●, and the five fingers are close up◇-. They are really military people. ●◇”Standard military.” Some of them said. And the teachers more hope that they all have to pay◇…◇, and become a Navy aviation pilot in a few years■★○, like movie “Red Sea Actio!

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, I held a press conference at the Peoples Gaocational Press Release Office on March 4th, and the General Assembly spokesperson answered questions about China and foreign journalists on issues related to the Agenda and Peoples Congress. CCTV, CCTV, CCTV News Mobile Network reporter△▪, we know that pollution prevention is one of the three attacks in the three attacks to be hit by a well-off society, we have seen it, since the most prominent environmental protection law in 2015•……△, there have been many The environmental indicators have improved, but also let us see the power of the legal system, but it is undeniable that there are still a lot of hard bones in this attack▪□★, so I want to ask spokesperson, the people will continue to continue What kind of newness will be made in legislation and supervision? Thank you. Zhang Yif.

China Xinwang, May 28 (Guo Qi), from June 1 this year, the newly revised -●”Minor Protection Law” and “Preventing Mini Crime Law” will be officially implemented. The reporter learned from the press conference held on the 28th of the Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate◇▲. Since last year, Zhejiang procuratorate has accepted the review arrest and reviewed 8424 people involved in unscrupulous cases▷■□, including 3,496 cases of criminal cases of minors. 5,283◁★●◁. Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate▼★■, deputy, said that the provincial procuratorate adheres to the un cases idea, and prudently handles every case, co-ordination, flexible use of various procuratorial supervision methods, and crack the problem of social governance of minor△★▽. wholesale upholstery suppliesseaquel – headliner fabric personalized fabric ethical fabric,