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rpet fabric supplier:Original title: China Astronaut Center: Astronauts have fully carried out Space Station Mission Training Equipment Technology WeChat public account reported that the PLA reporter learned from the China Astronaut center that with my countrys manned spaceflight project into the space station, aerospace Space station mission training has been fully carried out. On January 3, 2018□-, Beijing and Space City, astronauts, daily training. Visual Chinese Data Chart The center deputy chief designer Huang Weifen said, the future space station mission has long been in the rail◆□, normalized outages=◆-, space station in rail assembly and maintenance▽▽◆▪, a large number of scientific tests, etc.◇▽•, to selection training belt to astronaut To make higher challenges–☆, the comprehensive quality and ability of astronauts, etc.◇▼■◆, facing this new situation, all astronauts have carried out space station technology, mechanical ar.

Original title: 9 Country-controlled air quality monitoring sites were handled by sprinkled interference◇△△▲, multiple responsible people were dealt with new Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) Today, the newly established Ecological Environment Department held the first press conference, news The spokesman Liu Youbin announced, and the 9 national controlled air quality monitoring sites were sprayed▪●☆△, and many responsible people were dealt with seriously. Liu Youbin introduced that when Decades to the national environmental air quality monitoring network in January 2017, the 9 national control sites were found to be sprayed●▲. On November 26…•△, 2017△◇•▽, the National Control Site of Honghezhou Wastewater Treatment Plant in Yunnan Province was sprayed by a foggy car. After investigation, Honghezhou Mengyi City sanitation department fog gun car spray operation, interfered with the normal monitoring of national control sites▽●. November 20.

Xinhua News Agency•■▷●, San Francisco May 26 (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) The US police said on the 26th that the shooting incident occurred in the northern city of California■…○△, California▽◇, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injuries★▲, the gunman was committed to death in the case. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6:30 local time☆★, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose. The shooting incident caused 8 deaths, 1 person was injured, and 1 male gunman committed suicide. The police said that the gunners and a number of deceased were the staff of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority■-. According to the traffic management staff, shooting incidents occurred in the maintenance of light rail facilitie.

微 微 WeChat public number Titland title■•●●: National Religious Agency congratulates friends from the national road to the national road of the National Taoist Taoist Taoist: Value the arrival of the birthday of the Zhu Zi, I would like to have sincerely greetings and congratulations. In 2017, the whole national education and the vast news of the people have implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party◇●=▲, studying the new revision of the Religious Affairs Regulations◆●☆, and successfully hosting the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Taoist Association, the 4th International Taoist Forum and other major activities △▷■, Successfully carry out major educational activities such as the full-real square festival◆▲■■, and promote the healthy development of various undertakings of Taoism▷…•, showing a good image of my countrys Taoism. Taoism has a long history, rooted in the Chinese civilized fertile soil, is an important part of Chinas excellent traditional culture, for ==▽.