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econyl yarn – interior fabric.oceanworks plastic:Original title: Multi-place publication of real estate market regulation and control of new political restriction speculative purchase room has released a new real estate market regulation policy, further strengthening commercial housing sales management, supporting the needs of family self-employment, providing convenient services for leasing parties, strict restrictions Special housing. Chengdu property market regulation new policy has just been needed to have a family priority to collect a house□▼, which announced that the real estate market regulates the new government•◇•. Chengdu just needed to buy commercial housing will enjoy the priority to buy a house to support the needs of family self-employment. The new policy has been implemented yesterday. In November last year◆◁=■, Chengdu issued a policy, which stipulates that commodity housing is sold in a notarized 号 号…▽. Yesterday, the =…”Supplementary Notice of the Notice on the Undarity of Commodity Housing Sales and Its Notic△□•.

Original title▷◇: Hong Kong Media•◁: Overseas Chinese ●▪□”Search” service institutions emergency reference news network reported in Hong Kong media said that with Chinas forward development▷◆-▼, tens of thousands of overseas Chinese are spreading in various corners of the world▪▽. The more you recall the place where the ancest is located and looks back=▽☆. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website reported on March 31, the service helped people tracked the genealogy is getting more and more popular, and the rise of social welcoming people to find family-friendly television exclusive show programs may have helped this trend. According to reports•…□☆, in the past generations, overseas Chinese often treat past as a black box○-, which is sealed by tensioned parents, and parents are urgently hoping that their families keep low-key in foreign countries dominated. At the age of 62▪△, Raymond Zhang (sound) lived in the United State☆▽.

Original title: Wang Guanghui, director of the Supreme Site Reform△▷=, on the reform of the judicial responsibility★•, and the reporter Liu Ziyang Wang Fang Hainan procuratorate criminal appeal case case increasing rate increased by 21.45%; Chongqing Prosecutors review of the average use of the average injection of last year, 9.2 days▼…★•, Decreased by 34.58%△△●; Guizhou has reviewed 3,800 cases, judicial irregularity and judicial 疵 have reached 78▷●□■.9% and 72.5%◁□△, respectively ●●△.▪■.. this is the change in judicial responsibility reform. “Some prosecutors said, now lying in the mind is still overwhelming◁▽. After reform, the prosecutors hand-written responsibility is obviously enhanced◆☆□△, Whoever handles the case▼▲★○, who is responsible, who is responsible, who is responsible, is deeply rooted into the heart◇☆▽=.-☆•▷” The highest Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Peoples Procuratorate, Judicial System Refo.