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econyl:Original title=-=▲: ASEAN Trural Military High-rise Qi Sheng◁◇□: I hope Nanhai Peace China Nanhai News Network on March 12, according to the Philippine Rappler website report on the 11th▽▽…, March 8th ASEANs anti-office informal meeting held in Singapore, afterwards, The National Military High-level High-level Division of the ASEAN said that he hopes to peace in the South China Sea●◁◇□. The Philippines INTERAKSYON website also reported that the Philippine armed forces staff and other 9 East Unions national military high-rise strong agreement “Maintenance and Promoting South China Sea Peace and Safety”▷=, they also emphasized “Solving South China Sea in accordance with international law”. A statement on the 11th of the Philippine Armed Forces show that the ASEAN national military high-level consistently believes that enhances mutual trust and confidence◆▼●●, maintain self-restraint■★•, and avoid action that may make the South China Sea situatio▪▲.

China New Network Changzhi May 28th: ​​The 60-year-old man Kaikang Library Near 10,000 books witnessed the author Wu Qiong Li Huahua “Collect the literature of the Southern Southern Region, which can also reserve the historical memory of the place, and can also use the texts of the text☆▼. Promote cultural exchanges and inherit the local culture. “28th, the 61-year-old Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan▲•, Li Haiquan, showed the local documentary information collected in 10 years. Literary works, local history, drama script, academic discipline … Shanxi Province Changzhi City■•, Zhangzhou District••○●, there is a collection of Tibetan libraries that specialize in the southeast region of Jinnan, a wide range of books▼•◁, attracting readers to watch. When I started Li Haiquan◁-, I love to read the book, and the book is his childhoo.

Original title: Taiwan-funded factory “Qingtian Ban Banner◁▽” was removed by Vietnam “to prevent being considered to be misunderstanding, Vietnam allows Taiwan companies to hang the Chinese people.” At the end of last month▪●, Taiwan △…=”Central Society□◆” This discovery is excited to make the island, claiming “This is what cant do before.” However, this statement of Taixia quickly was “faced”▽▷△. BBC Vietnamese channel 3rd reported that Vietnamese official denied that the Taiwan Enterprise is allowed to hang ▲=”China Peoples Flag”. At the Queen Enterprise▽•, the banner before the Furniture Factory of Vietnamese, at the routine reporter meeting on the 2nd•○★▪, there were recent Vietnam Pingyang Province, a Taiwan-funded factory hanging “China Peoples Flag”●•▪○, Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokesman Lis autumn, Vietnam Consistently adhere to a Chinese principle. After investigation, this approach is the spontaneous behavior of the company. Sedu.