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reupholstery supplies:Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Raiba Platinum Jiangfei) National Network Tibet Electric Power Co., Ltd■▲. revealed that from January to April this year, the company actively promoted the price policy, released electricity price bonus, to Tibet Ali area•★△▷, Changdu The cumulative reduction of users in the two places is 31.96 million yuan (RMB●◇, the same), and nearly 10,000 households. It is worth mentioning that the sale of electricity in Ali has increased by 79.77% year-on-year, and the electricity fee revenue decreased by 19=•▽.49% year-on-year◁☆★. Guo Net Tibet Electric Power Co.■▽△, Ltd., from January to April this year◇★◁◁, Changdu residents live electricity price fell 0.03 yuan / kW, reducing customer electricity costs 129 million yuan, benefiting 6307 household▲△●.

Original title: Nanjing Jiangning District Peoples Court on the summons notice to open the court as “open” statement on April 2△▷, 2018, there is a certification microblog released a photo of the Peoples Court of Jiangning District, Nanjing. The “call” column on the summary is displayed as the word •☆”opening◇…”, causing netizens to watch and challenge. After you know this information, our hospital immediately launched the investigation▷-○. After investigation, the information reflected in the case▷•□…. The case is the plaintiff◇□◇, who is a household trading contract dispute☆•★, and on March 28 this year, the secretary is accepted, and Huang Guangfeng, the secretary Huang Guangfeng…◁□•, will ◇▽☆”write” to “write” In this regard, the party group of our school attached great importance to it=•, specializing in research, forming the following processes••◇: 1…○▼. ord!

Cover Journalist Xiong Haoran Camera Ren Jijun Xie Kai Ji Ji Pei General pointed out in the 19th National Report of the Party, “From now until 2020, it is a good time to build a well-off society in an all-round way■●•◇.●▼◇▼” There is still three years old, winning Deeping the poverty battles, the burden on He Ping is not light•…◆☆. During the two sessions of the National Peoples Congress, he received the interview with the National Peoples Congress and the Mayor of Bazhong, said that “no matter how hard it is hard▲□, there must be-○•, no matter how hard this attack is••, it must win.” At the same time, as the revitalization plan of the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolution, He Ping revealed that Bazhong actively participated in the drafting of the ☆◇”General Program of the Comprehensive Reform Test★◇●•” of the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Old Area•▽, the program was reported to Sichuan◆★●, Shaanxi, and Chongqing three provinces and municipal reports of the State Council. Hard bone embroidered kung marine plastic pollution textile distributor – chinese fabric manufacturers.!

Original title: [Secret] “send money to send account●△☆△” in secondary cities◆★? Behind the madness, but exposes these big problems. 2018 graduation season is coming again■△••. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, the 2018 national college graduates are expected to be 8.2 million◆▪▽, and they have a new high history. However, more than 20 cities such as Xian, Nanjing◆△◁◇, Wuhan have been introduced in a series of talents to introduce policies▲-▪★, sending houses●□◁•, sending money, sending accounts▲▷, and policy intensity. Behind the madness, what kind of anxiety is these cities-▼○▽? For urbanization, is this a development benefit? For more information, please pay attention to April 15 21●●▷•:45 CCTV Finance “Dialogue” – Question about Chinas urbanization▷□▲△ footwear recycled plastic! There are multiple consideration opportunities behind people in various cities, and they are indeed a lot of big cities, especially the core cit.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress representative Zhao Qi San et al. Suggested that the iris information is included in the citizen information to collect the new Beijing News News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) Can I include the resident information collection? During the 13th National Peoples Congress, the representative of 29 National Peoples Congress from the Henan delegation, suggested that it is recommended to include iris information collection in my countrys new generation social security card, ID card, passport and other systems, and take the lead in specific provinces▪▼•, specific fields▷-•△. Demonstration application. Building “Digital China”, using big data to promote security and improving peoples livelihood, the security level of digital identity systems should also increase. Representatives of Zhao Qizan believe that the combination of digital identity system and traditional ID card (social security card•▪, passport) should be promoted, and the iris, fingerprints and faces should be entered into ID card (social security card, guar.