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Recycling:Original title: 100-year-old Vice-Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Association , The 5th National Committee of China Standing Committee, First, Second△◆○, 3rd Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference○★-, Fourth, Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Association, the central government of the Agricultural Workers, Democratic Party●☆, Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the original Committee, reputation The primary committee, the original president of the Chinese Medical Association Guiyang Branch, the original Director Zhang Chaolun▲☆-, the Chinese Medical Association, is invalid because the disease is invalid△★…▽, on March 2, 2018◆○-◁, died in Guiyang, and enjoy 100 years old. Zhang Chaolun, Miao, Weining County, Guizhou Province, born in December 1918, participated in the work in November 1949, 6 years in 19.

Original title: Wenchuan earthquake escape student Huang Milan•■: Every 5★▲◆-.12 I want to say alive character files Huang Milan (small picture)●▼, 26 years old▪☆▼=, 10 years ago, in the school dormitory, shendened into the fourth floor escape.○▽. 10 years later, Huang Menlan and classmates returned to Beichuan together=•, mourn the deaths in the dormitory of the ruins. Zhao Yifan (big picture)○•, 26 years old, with her “Rope” escaped by “Rope”•▽▲-, 10 years ago, with a 3-year-old daughter▲◆, started three times, finally retrieved the calm of life. Ten years I want to say that the experience of ten years ago has always been vivid, never forget. I will work hard to live better and better! Cherish the situation○••◁, cherish everyone who loves me and I love textile for packaging, wholesale fabric! After the Wenchuan earthquake, the mother of Beichuan Vocational Middle School Huang Milans mother hiji jewely to find a woma.

Original title☆★: Pinggu District issued 16 benefits farmers award policy to dismantle the potential reward 1,000 yuan Xinyang News (Reporter Guo Chao) In-provision of 16 reward measures within a day, promoting beautiful rural construction. The reporter learned from Pinggu District today (March 10), learned from Pinggu District, 5 of the 16 incentives, including the ecological construction▷●…, including rewarding coal, reward▷■, bonus•●•▼, rural crane (earth), Reward geological disasters are prone to occur farmers relocation rewards. How to make the Pinggu District have good air, good water quality□◆-, farmers income, and industrial increase. Pinggu District has formulated the implementation of the “Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategy Promoting Beautiful Rural Construction” (2018-2020) (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Opinions”)▽△▪. According to reports, ▪••=”Implementation Opinions” is in Beiji functional fabric automotive textile manufacturers!

Original title: The person in charge of the National Peoples Congress in the Campus: Demonstration in the repair in recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more campus bullying incidents have entered the public vision. On the morning of the 12th, at the 13th National Peoples Congress△★, the 12th National Peoples Congress□•, deputy director Wang Shengming, said that the campus violence or campus bullying has happened■△▷. Some behaviors are very bad. The Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress and the State Council and its relevant departments attach great importance to society. The National Peoples Congress Ministerial Judicial Council recommends that revisiting the law of minors and preventing minors crime. =◇”During the repair process, you will definitely study this problem, put forward targeted solutions…△◇….◆□●□” November 23, 2017, Student, Guangrao Road◁-▲, Qingdao, Chi●▪◁?