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recycled nylon fabric:Original title: Many government officials in Xian have the words “shop small two◁…△” and other words=●▼, entrepreneurs▽●: very touched •…”Xian in memory is a famous cultural ancient capital, after 10 years■▼=▼, I came to Xian again■●=◇, I feel strong in Xian. Vitality◁▲★●, it is amazed. “Chen Guorong○•…=, Chairman and President of the China Tourism Hotel Industry Association, Chen Guorong, said in an interview with a reporter last night. =-▲•”This time I came to Xian, I feel that the Xian urban pattern is even more atmospheric, and the plan is more leveling▪☆▪▼. The citys order is in order, and the attitude of urban manager is also very rigorous•▪.” Chen Guorong said that he was touched that when the exchange of business cards, the famous “shop small two” ▷=”Golden Medal Merchants……★” was printed on the business card, which made himself ★▪”. This made him very surprised. “I have been doing tourism in 30 years△□…◁, I have been self-proclaime◇○◇.

. Safety information transmission method★■▲, it plays a positive role in defense, government affairs★▼●□, finance, personal information protection. Through the efforts of the next 5-10, we hope to build a quantum confidential communication network that heaven and earth, protecting the information security of thousands of households. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•◇□: Chu Xiaoh▷△.

Original title: Chen Wenhui: The Pilot Program of Tax Dragon Pension Insurance will be launched on the afternoon of March 5 in the near future, and the Guangdong Provincial Delegation considered the governments work report△★▪. Chen Wenhui■▪▲=, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission□▷-■, will listen to opinions○◇▽-. Chen Wenhui revealed that the reporter reporter reporter was revealed that the current tax-type pension insurance pilot program has been adopted by the relevant departments. Now the Insurance Regulatory Commission is actively preparing□•, will be launched in the near future•▲▽. Source★▪▷: Securities Times Network Click to enter Special Responsibility Editor: Guoqia-◆!

Original title●▷☆: The National Peoples Congress, Luo Xia△☆•: Western region needs international portal hub city, Chengdu can be responsible for this heavy March 5, and the National Development and Reform Commission has visited the national two sessions of Sichuan delegation to attract them. It is a suggestion – National Peoples Congress representative , The Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee▷▪, the Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Shui Ping suggested that Chengdu is the starting point▷=…, accelerating the strategic channel that is open to the west of ◆-…”One Belt”-•◁◁. Luoxia▷•, deputy dean of the National Peoples Congress, the vice president of the Southwest Jiaotong University▽☆, said in an interview with the ◇▲-“Daily Economic News” reporter, as the most close to European countries, Chengdu construction international portal hub city, is both Chinese strategic needs At the same time, it is also the key to Chinas opening to the west to the South International Channel◁☆■. National Peoples Congress…★◆, Southwest Jiaotong University Transportation and Logisti automotive upholstery industrial fabric eco friendly!recycled fabric – repve yarn!