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textile business – upholstery!green fabric:Original title: Tiegong Company reform plan has been reported to accelerate the construction of company operation mechanism Wang Wei Sun Yuhua March 3, the National Committee of the CPPCC==▽•, China Railway Corporation (under ☆■△◆”Total■○•=”, ○▪▪▲”Tiega○★◁▷”) Lu Chunfang is accepting the Economic Reference report ☆◆■”reporter said that the iron head office reform plan has reported the State Council, and it will be implemented. And this is the first step in the 2018 railway reform. According to the information disclosed by the Tiemong Work Conference▷◆, this year will implement the ★△-“three-step…▽▲” goal of “three steps” this year, and accelerate the construction of the companys operating mechanism. At the same time△●, according to the principle of specialization, scale, netization, we will promote the reform and restructuring of non-transport enterprises. In addition, research on various professional advantages and technology-based enterprises to implement mixing programs★▼, promote Wi- post-consumer plastic recycled plastic!

Original title●▷▼◆: These two things are going to red two sessions◁▽, bringing which revelations Talking before going to bed▪△▲, talk before going to bed▲□, there are worlds in the dream. Hello everyone, I am a party newspaper commentary▽△●. These days, commentary has been ▼=”running two sessions○•▼•”, which are deeply attracted by the two things, they are related to the removal of poverty. Today, commenting the two sessions of Jun chat, talking to everyone to tell the poor. These two things, one is a bamboo cup and the other is a red apple▽□. Let me talk about the bamboo cup, it has become a tool for Guizhou Red Solid Village. “90” representative Yang Changqin said that there is a bamboo package outside●…☆◆, which is made of local Zihu□◇■. After more than 20 ways of hand-processing, weaving such a product can earning 100 yuan◇◆▪. The peasants who have taken the hoe now have craftsmanship◆★…, and the 8 adults in the village lived in a small building◇▲•■, and the six adults opened a ca textile importer!

Peasant Daily reporter question◆◁▲: What is important role in poverty alleviation●▲▪☆? Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhu Yong Yong: I am a representative of the Workstation of the Yunnan Poverty Alleviation Academician★▼. We bordered in a small village in Minxian County…▽○, bordering in Myanmar, pulling the nation◆●○△, from the primitive society directly to the socialist society, and life happened to earth☆▪★□, but they were still poor. Zhu You Yong: This place is very good▽■★. It is a tropical rainforest area◇☆○. The temperature is very high▷○◁○, and the water resources are very rich. The farmers land is very broad, because there is no technology and industry□★▪○, poverty is particularly prominent. The peasant brothers only one year of rice●=•, and they were idle in winter•…▷•. We plan to promote 3-5 million mu two years, and turn the winter and the field into efficiency. Many scientific and technological workers fight in the first line of poverty alleviation, push the research result.