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automotive interior textile:Original title: Chengdu just needed to buy commercial housing will enjoy the priority shake screen news (Reporter Zhao Yahu) November 16, 2017, Chengdu released the “Notice on the Sale of Commodity Housing and Sort by Notarization”, the city goods The opening sale of housing is officially used in the manner. Today (31), the reporter learned from Chengdu Urban and Rural Properties Administration◇▽, in order to adhere to “the house is used to live○-◁▽, it is not used▷……-“▷▷, “further deepen the classification and regulation of the real estate market…▼, and earnestly supports Chengdu housing just need family self-occupied The needs of the purchase of houses=▽, the Chengdu Urban and Rural Properties Administration and the Chengdu Municipal Justice Bureau issued the “Supplementary Notice on the Take Notary of the Mechanic Housing Sage•□” (hereinafter referred to as “Supplementary Notice”)-▽◇▽. according !

When the female driver changed, ◇★■”hit the porcelain□★”, a man, a man•▼=△, manufactured, was created by the police★▼, Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Li Dong correspondent Liao Yunyi, Zhang Yitao) Early this year▷◇▷●, Guangzhou Yicheng District Yanta Bridge Maintenance construction●=•, due to engineering masking, the road to the bridge narrows-…◇▪, all vehicles have slowed down in advance▷=■◇. However, a man took 7 vehicles in this section within 1 month○◇☆▷, is his car skill? On the contrary, the man ☆★★”touched the porcelain” means highly. Recently★□, Guangzhou Zengcheng police reflected the clues reflected in the masses, and grabbed and criminally detained a “hit the porcelain man=●” according to law. On the evening of April 8…△▲, Miss Zengche■☆▽.

Original title: Nort-North Boat confirmed merger…□? The China Boat Group rumors◆▪=○, South Koreas shipment stock price plummeted [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Yesterday (30th), the US Bloomberg et al••▲. Report that the State Council has been in principle to appreciate China s heavy work (North Ship) and the Mid-Boat Group ( South Ship) Merge▲■, a revenue exceeding 500 billion world first “giant” is about to be born▽■=, and the resulting industry giants will enable Korean shipbuilding companies to see. However, on the same day evening●○■, according to the first financial report, the middle boat rumors said that the company was verified by the report□○●□, and conducted special entries to the controlling shareholders of the Company-▲…. The Mid-Boat Group did not receive any notice about the merger, and there was no information that should be disclosed without disclosure=◁. At present□▼▪☆, the top three of the market value of the ship will be Korea compan=◆▷.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 26 (Reporter Wang Yu Xiao), the State Council held by the State Council held by the State Council◁▲, and the deployment of the small and micro enterprises and industry industrial and commercial households. The meeting is clear, and the current domestic and foreign environment is complicated, small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households are still facing difficult, and we must continue to have targeted strengthening support. The small and medium-sized small micro enterprises and individual industrial households are important support for economic toughness and employment toughness in my country▲◆◆. As of the end of April, the total number of small and micro enterprises in the country exceeded 44 million, and the individual industrial and commercial households exceeded 95 million households and became my countrys employment main army. The meeting deploys a number of initiatives from three aspects, supporting the individual industrial and commercial households of small and micro enterprises – one is furth sustainable textile manufacturers△• marine pollution seaqual fabric china!home furnishings – post-consumer plastic.