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ocean plastic clothing:Original title: Chen Tutor: my country has just been out of lack of electricity, and there is also a great distance from the full high-efficiency electricity▪◇=•, the Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, March 10, March 10, March 10, National Committee★□…, Datang Group Corporation Chairman and Party Secretary Chen conducted an exclusive interview with the “China Energy Report★○…” reporter in the committee resident-◇-△. Chen is thinking that with the establishment of a modern economy system, the energy consumption intensity will gradually decline, and the growth of energy demand gradually slows down. The changes in energy structures must be deeply recognized and seize opportunities☆▲▽, and the energy supply side reforms, and dispelling•★▷●. The hotspot problem such as clean energy heating has expressed its view☆◁. It is considered that the ◁◁”dispersion combustion” “of the coal” is ○□▼▪”concentrated combustion” is a top priority▪△==. Coal and electricity is still the main power supply China Energy News: 2018 government work repo!

Original title★-…: The overall plan of Xiongan New District is going forwarded in June, Wang Xiaohui□◆★■, Beijing report, thousands of calls▽●…◆, and the overall plan of Xiongan new district will eventually set. “The overall plan of Xiongan New District is up to the central government.” On May 22, the Vice President of China Urban Planning and Design Institute, the core designer Zhu Ziyu, the core designer Zhu Ziyu, the 6th Tsinghua University, the Sixth Tsinghua University “I said. Establishing an Xiongan New District is a major historic strategy choice made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. This is a new district that has a national significance after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area is a millennium-◆◆. According to the reporter☆○◁, Xiongan New District is responsible for the important functions of discovery Beijing non-Capital function, the ○○▷•”Beijing City Master Plan” (201 seaquel chinese fabric supplier fabric factory!

Original title: Hebei, Fujian, Beijing procuratorate=-, according to law Trading case, the original Provincial Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Chen Shuolong, an former deputy governor of the Provincial Peoples Government○–, was suspected of accepting bribes, abuseing power, inside trading△■▽○, leaking insider information, the central inspection team★•, deputy patrol commissioner, Zhanghua Zhang Huafei filed a public prosecution The Chinese Securities Supervision and Management Committee, the vice president Yao Gang is suspected of accepting bribes, insider trading cases▪▲△, by the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, by Hebei Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Hebei Province…▪▲▽, Handan Public Security Bureau□◇☆=, transfer to Hebei Province Peoples Procuratorate Review Prosecute. Recently, Handan City Peoples Procuratorate h□▪○★.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidery: calling on the peony to become “national flower”, and determine the national flower is the symbol of national independence◇★=, social stability, and national prosperity, and the concentration of national culture, the spirit of the people…▷, the peoples will▽▪▲●. my country has not yet determined that national flowers, the graceful peony can be ☆◆☆”national flower” and determine it in the form of law. The National Peoples Congress representative•▽, Luoyang Museum Honorary Hall, the long king embroidered▼•◆, there is such a call▲▼•▪. The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidered image network diagram why is it suitable for national flowers••? Wang Suan said that the peony is the world famous flower, graceful, rich and rich■▷△, with the history of the Chinese nation◁••. Moreover, Peony has higher industrialization in my countrys domestic flowers. The national cultivation area has reached more than 200▽□▲,000 mu○…, and the peony industry has adjusted agricultural structure and increases farmers incom-•☆?

Original title▪◁: Yaoyuan Comrade Dividing Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 14th, the vice ministers of the Beijing Military Region and the Beijing Military Region Air Force Commander Jajie, died in Beijing due to the medical treatment•□, and ended on March 3, at the age of 91▼●. Yao▲◇, formerly known as Wei Yaoxian, Hebei Yutian, June 1945□▽☆, joined the Communist Party of China, in February 1948. During the revolutionary career-▪★, he has served, the captain, the deputy captain, the captain, deputy head■-, the head, deputy division, the division of the division, deputy commander of the Beijing Military Region, the deputy commander of the Lanzhou Military Region Air Force He participated in the anti-American assistance★◇•, contributing to the construction of the unit revolutionization, modernization◁•◇▷, and formalization▷=. Yao is a member of the 8th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference. He was awarded the rank of the rank□●•…, Zengrong in 198.textile Industry.