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ocean garbage:Original title: Li Bao Shan○▷☆, the president of the Peoples Daily, and the General Chief of the Zheyu On April 3:30 am△□, the Peoples Daily has held the leading cadre meeting, and the deputy director of the Ministry of China Zhou Zuyi, the executive vice president of the Central Propaganda Department▽•◁, attended the meeting. At the meeting◆▽, Zhou Zuyi announced the central decision▪■=◆, Li Baishan was a member of the Peoples Daily▲▽, and the Chief Editor of the Peoples Daily News. Yang Zhenwu, former president, has elected the 19th Central Committee, the Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress…◆▽●. Li Bao Shan Li Bao Shans source Peoples Network Li Baohan, male, born in June 1955, Shanxi Jincheng, Han nationality=-…, university degree, review. Participated in September 1978▷■▷. He has served as the deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and the director of the Provincial Government Information Office. In 1995, he went to the Central Propaganda Department, and he served as deputy director of the Press Burea.

Original title: Shenhai Xiong to International Territory Office, China Online March 22 forum●☆. Shenhai Xiong examined the China-Foreign Communication Center Technology Building, visiting the Russian, Laotia, Swahili●▼★-, Turkish and English center, and communicating with you☆◁. In the main control equipment room, he listened to the overseas prevailing station; in the media platform, the national two sessions were reported. “If the national treasure will talk” multilingual TV, “China Theater” multilingual version Overseas broadcast situation. At the symposium○◁, Shenhai Xiong listened to Wang Geng years=•□▽, Huang Sheng, Huang Shengs work report, he first thanked International Taiw.

Original title: Single Xiang•▷•-: The Forbidden City, the main opening of the country, three years of official opening of the country: Chinas voice …•▲”News” report: Single Xiang is in an interview with China Voice report■▽•, the main Palace Museum The site selection and design of the new museum have been basically completed, and it is expected to be officially started in the year, and it will be officially opened after three years, which will be the best blending of technology and culture. It is understood that the new museum has been approved in front of the north of Haidian District, Beijing, and has more than 100•◆•…,000 square meters. From the “high-top” forbidden city, to the “explosive model” manufacturers high-rise Palace Museum in the past few years, ▪=○”Wenchuang products have more than one year sales▲▪,■★▷” the Forbidden City has been attaind attention. During the Boao Forum for Asia 2018, Yangguang reporter Han Me.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27, Vice Premier of the State Council, the high-level economic and financial dialogue between China and France, Hu Chunhua, should be treated with the Minister of Economics and the Minister of Finance●□, and the Tricolors Lead Hermel held a video call. Hu Chunhua said that since this year, President Xi Jinping held a call with Markong President and attended the Sino-French leaders, and got an important consensus on climate change, promoting world economic recovery, and fiscal▽●. China is willing to work with the law◆□□★, conscientiously implement the key points of the two heads of state, jointly planning the new era○-, and actively promote local economic cooperation▲•▽, expand modern agriculture▷▽○, digital economy, finance and other field.

Original title•◇: Xiao Yafei serves as the Mayor of Dongguan Recently=○●▽, the 12th meeting of the Subject Committee of the 16th National Peoples Congress of Dongguan City was held. The meeting vote passed the request of Liang Wei and the disregard of the peoples government of the Dongguan City, and the vote from the vice mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government and decided to serve as mayor of the people of Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government. The meeting was hosted by Pan Xinchao, executive deputy director of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee▲○◇△. Zhou Chu Liang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, Li Manteang, Chen Xijiang●■△, He Yuepei, Huang Yaocheng, the Secretary-General Zhu Binhua and other Standing Committee consisting of the meeting. Huang Qinghui, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress. According to the relevant provisions of the Peoples Republic of China-…, the Peoples Congress and the Local Peoples Government of Locals, the conference vote shall be adopted, and the meeting of Liang Wei and the mayor of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Governmen▪▼△.chinese seaqual fabric – climate protection sportswear trading company,