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nike men”s sportswear club jersey joggers – louivuitton canvamatial.sustainable product:Original title▼☆: The national staff member listened to the representative question◇-, retaining fresh example, even retained exclamation – representing “Love Question”, the senior meeting of the “second back●=…” peoples congression is often a circular, representing surrounding Next to the circle, there is a row of seats. Several staff members of the wearing documents are sitting down, only the paper pen makes sound. But sometimes, these venues have been pushed into a circular conference table, responding to the represented question. In the morning of March 9, the consideration has not yet begun▽▪, and a staff member of the National Development and Reform Commission handed 3 sheets of paper to Kong Xiaoyan representatives■●▽. “I raised a question yesterday, why GDP growth rate and financial growth rate are inconsistent…☆◇▽, I didnt expect to reply so soon.” Director of the National Peoples Congress, Director of Tianjin Property Transaction Center, Tianjin Caisco Cabin◇▷▽▽.

Wang Jinxi=▪▼☆: Wang Jinxi★☆-▲, who has been invested by the motherland (Struggling Hundred Years) Wang Jinxi in 2009, is elected ◇-“100 New China in the founding of China◆…■■”. Won the title of “The Most Beautiful Struggle■•◆” “National Labor Model”…◇★. Wang Jinxi▷▪•★, born in Yumen County, Gansu Province in October 1923. He is 15 years old to Yumen Oil Mine as a child labor▽▲-▷. After the founding of New China, I went to the Yumen Drilling Team and joined the Communist Party of China in 1956★◁■▷. He has served as a head of the captain of drilling, drill, drilling captain☆★□☆, drilling headquarters drilling the second brigade, deputy command of the drilling headquarters. In September 1958■•, he led the 1205 Drilling Team created the latest record of 5009 meters of the mont☆▪.

CCTV reporter☆☆△◁: I would like to ask Ying Yingyi▽◇★●, Hello▽●, I know that this year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. On the one hand, we have made a very big achievements in 40 years=…▼□, but on the other hand□-, we have said that now reform has entered •◇•▽”deep water■▪” Area”■●▼. You are an economist▼▽◆, and you are also a vice chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, so I want to ask you■▽-○, how do you think about the results of these 40 years? There are those difficulties in the future-…, and what are the ▲◁•★”hard bones” that we want to do△◁, how can we do the reform and opening up•▼◁? Thank you. Qian Yingyi: In the 40 years of reform, my countrys economic and social development has achieved great achievements, and it is also recognized in the world. It has achieved a high-speed growth of the 40-year economy in a national population of nearly 1.4 billion people▲◇□…. .